Stop AT from installing speed bumps on Ti Rakau Drive - sign the petition

As part of the next stage of the Eastern Busway - the Pakuranga to Botany stage - Auckland Transport (AT) have released a design update that includes the installation of three "raised safety platforms" along Ti Rakau Drive. Don't let the terminology fool you - these are speed bumps, and they are planning to install three of them between the Reeves Road and Gossamer Drive intersections, as shown in the image below.

The speed bumps would be located at the highlighted bus stations above.

As we saw with the recent similar debacle on Pakuranga Road, AT are intent on putting speed bumps wherever they can to slow Auckland down, whether it makes sense or not. In this case, like the one they proposed for Pakuranga Road and which they cancelled after our community spoke up, there is simply no need for speed bumps on Ti Rakau Drive. As part of the plans for this part of the Busway, these stations will all have proper traffic management in place already, and so an additional speed bump will provide no extra benefit and instead only slow our already congested roads further.

This week I launched a petition calling on AT to stop their speed bump crusade and get rid of those proposed along Ti Rakau Drive. If you agree their stance on this makes no sense, please sign the petition at or by clicking here.