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Simeon Brown, MP for Pakuranga, has today welcomed the joint announcement from Airways NZ, Auckland Airport, and BARNZ, that public consultation on the SMART approach flight path trials has resulted in adjustments to the final flight path.

“The final SMART approach flight path has been modified to further avoid populated areas of Pakuranga, and now lies almost 1.5km off the coast of Eastern Beach, Mellons Bay, Cockle Bay, and the Waikiteroa Reserve,” says Mr Brown.

“This is fantastic news for local residents who have shared their concerns for a long time about the noise and potential health impacts of aircraft flying directly overhead on their approach into Auckland Airport.”

“Aircraft using this flight path will also be flying at a higher altitude of 5000 feet, which is more than what was required during the trial a couple of years ago. The route will also be limited to six flights a day, and only between the hours of 7am and 10pm.”

“While these modifications will mean a slightly longer flight path than trialed, it was important to find the correct balance between a more efficient approach and the impact it would have on residential areas.”

“I’m glad this balance has now been achieved, and I commend the residents who fought long and hard to have their concerns recognised, as well as those in charge of the trial for listening to the affected communities.”

The new SMART approach flight path will be used from March 2019, and further information about it can be found at

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