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The recently announced policy by the National Party to set up an independent National Cancer Agency and a $200 million fund dedicated to cancer drugs will save Kiwi lives and reduce the stress on families dealing with this horrible illness, says Simeon Brown, MP for Pakuranga.

“There are too many New Zealanders forced to pack up their lives and sell their belongings in order to seek the treatment they need for cancer overseas, and this just isn’t acceptable for a country that boasts of a first-class health system.”

“National’s policy would invest $200 million over four years specifically into cancer medicines so that families in Pakuranga and across New Zealand can get the treatment they need without the massive expense many currently deal with.”

“The sad reality is that most New Zealand families will be affected by cancer at some point in their lives. National recognises that dealing with cancer is one of the hardest things any family can go through, and as a country we need to be there for them when they do.”

“We are also going to set up a National Cancer Agency, independent of the Ministry of Health and DHBs, which will focus on greater accountability and accessibility across New Zealand.”

“It will be involved in prevention, screening, and treatment, and will also facilitate research both domestically and internationally as the world continues to seek better treatments and cures for cancer.”

“Cancer is the single biggest cause of death in our country, and it’s about time we act like it. That’s why National is making cancer prevention and treatment a priority when we return to government.”

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