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It has now been over a month since Auckland Transport implemented their T2/Bus lane experiment down Pakuranga Road, and it is clear they have failed in their objective to ease traffic congestion in the area, says Simeon Brown, MP for Pakuranga.

“AT said the main purpose of the T2/Bus lane was to counter expected increases in traffic congestion as a result of the Eastern Busway construction, but it is clear the lane has not made a difference.”

 “Since this lane was installed, I have had numerous people contact me saying their commute is now taking 40 minutes from Howick to Panmure, with traffic backed all the way up to Howick Intermediate. These are the people who drive on Pakuranga Road every day, and it’s safe to say they know far better how it operates than bureaucrats who rarely travel the area.”

“I have also heard from many who have told me of the confusion caused between Cascades Road and Gossamer Drive where the left turn only lane is now a T2 lane. There have been near misses and confusion caused at the intersection of Pakuranga Road and Gossamer Drive where people turning into Gossamer can only do so in the final 50m.”

“40 minutes from one end of Pakuranga Road to the other is not good enough.”

“Today I am launching a petition which calls on Auckland Transport to end this experiment and return the third lane on Pakuranga Road between Highland Park and Gossamer Drive to the 90% of people who will actually use it.”

“It has fast become another example of a Council failing to listen to the warnings and concerns of local residents, who tried to tell AT that this wouldn’t help. AT completely ignored the issues raised by the community and dismissed their suggestions as to how such a lane could be improved.”

“The lane has clearly failed, and I am calling on AT to focus their efforts on the completion of the Reeves Road Flyover, a project which will make a real difference to congestion in the area.”

“The Reeves Road flyover is due to begin construction next year though Auckland Transport has still not made an application for a Notice of Requirement under the Resource Management Act, a complex and lengthy process.” 

“I am worried that this critical piece of infrastructure will be delayed even further.”

“Pakuranga deserves better than a poorly thought out and badly implemented ‘solution’ that doesn’t actually solve anything, and I encourage locals to have their voices heard and sign my petition for real action on Pakuranga Road.”

The petition can be found on Simeon Brown’s website:

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