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At a time when Auckland Transport (AT) claims they are trying to “get East Auckland moving”, it’s concerning to learn they are actually hoping to slow Pakuranga Road down by reducing the speed limit at peak times, says Simeon Brown, MP for Pakuranga.

“As part of the recent installation of the T2/Bus lane on Pakuranga Road, AT have installed flashing signs indicating a 50kmph speed limit is in effect.”

“This has confused motorists, who aren’t sure whether this applies only to the T2 lane, to the whole stretch of road it occupies, or indeed to the entire Pakuranga Road.”

“After consulting with officials from AT I have been told that, for now, it is simply an advised speed limit, but this hasn’t been made clear to motorists using the road.”

“While it may only be an advised speed at present, it makes clear AT’s desire to slow down Pakuranga Road, which is already suffering from long travel times due to traffic congestion in the area.”

“They claim the purpose of the lower speed limit is to make it safer for traffic to move in and out of the T2 lane while it is in operation, but if they were truly concerned about this they would have taken the community’s suggestion on board to extend the 50m clearance and give motorists more space to switch lanes.”

“Fortunately, AT is required to consult with the community before making any permanent change to the speed limit, so local residents will be given a chance to have their voices heard if this ends up being a pathway AT insists on pursuing.”

“If they go ahead with these plans, I will stand strongly in opposition to them. I don’t believe lowering the speed limit on Pakuranga Road will have any benefit to safety or congestion and will only make things worse than the T2 lane already has.”

“I encourage the community to make a complaint to AT if they share my concerns with this plan or are seeing issues with the implementation of the T2 lane, by calling 09 355 3553.”

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