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The Government’s cancellation of the National Health Targets (NHTs) is a concerning step that will have a significant impact on the people of Pakuranga, says Simeon Brown, Member of Parliament for Pakuranga.

“Research shows that the Shorter Stays in ED (Emergency Department) target, which aimed to have 95 per cent of patients admitted, discharged, or transferred from EDs within six hours, resulted in a 57 per cent reduction in the death rate of ED patients saving around 700 lives a year across the country,” says Mr Brown.

“The National Health Targets drove improvement in the main areas that Pakuranga residents care about, with significant increases in elective surgeries and immunisations, as well as faster cancer treatment and improved children’s health. These increases were all partially driven by the NHTs and the health sector’s commitment to them.”

“These targets let us see the difference our investment in health was making for real people and gave public servants a clear focus on what they needed to do to improve our healthcare system.”

“The cancellation is particularly disappointing as these targets were easily viewable and understood by the New Zealand public, who were able to follow the progress of their DHBs. Sadly, this isn’t the first time the Labour/NZF/Green Government has tried to avoid accountability by refusing to publish important information about the delivery of public services, with their earlier abolition of the Better Public Services targets.”

“The Government’s decision to get rid of the National Health Targets could cost lives if the focus and public scrutiny on better, faster healthcare in specific areas is lessened. So much for the Government that cares.”

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