Simeon Says Email Newsletter - May Update

I hope you had the opportunity over the weekend to watch the Coronation of King Charles III. It was incredible to witness such a historical event, one that many of us have never seen take place before.


Inside this May edition of my email newsletter, I talk about:

  • Labour's Ute Tax
  • Train cancellations in Auckland
  • Door knocking in Pakuranga
  • Fundraising dinner with Nicola Willis - you're invited!

If you have any questions or concerns about these issues or others please get in touch. You can do this by calling my office on 09 572 0000 or emailing me at [email protected].

Labour ramping up their Ute Tax

The announcement last week by the government that they would be increasing the ‘Ute Tax’ is a huge kick in the guts for hardworking Kiwis, such as our farmers and tradies, who don’t have other options for the type of vehicles they need. Labour's Ute Tax scheme is set to nearly double the fee on some vehicles, notably utility vehicles that have no reasonable EV or hybrid alternatives.

With news that the scheme had spent over $200 million more in subsidies than it took in taxes, it's clear this scheme isn't working and is punishing Kiwis who rely on utes to keep our economy moving while subsidising Teslas for the wealthy. National is committed to repealing the current discount scheme and replacing it with sensible, long-term policies that reduce emissions without punishing Kiwis who have no other choice.

Train cancellations in Auckland

Last week, many commuters in Auckland woke to the news that trains across the city would not be operational due to an infrastructure fault, leaving many to figure out how to get where they need to go at the last minute. With the amount of money spent by the government on KiwiRail - about $8 billion over the last six years - Kiwis are right to question where the return is on such a significant investment. As has become the norm for Labour, they increase spending but forget to ensure the money is used wisely and that better services are delivered as a result.

If we want to encourage more people to use public transport we have to ensure it is both reliable and resilient. Constant delays and cancellations of services only deters people from catching a bus, ferry, or train on a regular basis, and with the amount of money spent by the government and local councils commuters expect and deserve better.

Election 2023 - Door knocking in Pakuranga

Over the weekend I was out around Pakuranga with a team of volunteers knocking on doors and speaking to locals about the issues that matter to you.

If you want to be part of our campaign to help change New Zealand for the better, please consider signing up as a local volunteer in Pakuranga for National if you haven't already. We have a range of volunteer opportunities – there is something for everyone!

The more volunteers we have to help with our campaign tasks in the coming months, the better chance we have to deliver a strong result for National.

Campaign Fundraising Dinner on 7 July

with Nicola Willis, Deputy Leader of the National Party

On Friday 7 July I will be hosting a fundraising dinner alongside Deputy Leader of the National Party Nicola Willis, in support of our local campaign efforts in Pakuranga.

As each month goes by it becomes even more clear that a change of government is needed in October to get New Zealand moving forward again. I hope you will consider coming along to our fundraising dinner to help support our local efforts in Pakuranga, and hear from Nicola Willis as to what a National government can do for you.

The details for the dinner are as follows, and you can purchase a ticket by clicking the button below:

  • When: Friday 7 July at 6:30pm
  • Where: Dufty Bell Lounge, Howick Pakuranga Community Sports Centre, 73 Bells Road, Pakuranga, Auckland
  • Cost: $200 per person incl. GST for a buffet dinner

I hope to see you there!

As always, thank you for your ongoing support and please feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,

Simeon Brown

Member of Parliament for Pakuranga