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A Cabinet Paper released today about the future of school property funding will hurt schools in a big way as it removes Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), a vital funding stream for construction and maintenance, says Simeon Brown, National’s Associate Spokesperson for Education.

“Public Private Partnerships have been a successful and robust way to ensure schools around the country are able to build and maintain modern facilities that best serve the needs of their students,” says Mr Brown.

“We need more money invested into school property not less, and Labour’s ideological approach to PPPs is only going to harm our ability to educate our young people.”

“The reasons listed in the Cabinet Paper for why PPPs should be scrapped are flimsy and are indicative of a Government that is more interested in playing politics than in doing what’s best.”

“Instead of getting rid of everything National put into place as a matter of principle the Government should be taking a practical look at the education sector and prioritising the things that need attention. More money for school property is one of those things and the Government’s approach so far has been the polar opposite of what it should be.”

“The way we educate our children is evolving, with more technology in schools and newer learning environments that are conducive to productivity and designed with those modern needs in mind. Without PPPs, the Government will struggle to fund the investments needed in school property and the losers will be Kiwi kids.”

“It’s no wonder the education sector is falling into disarray - uncertainty is a killer, but that seems to be precisely how this Government prefers to operate.”

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