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The proposal to introduce a T2/Bus lane on Pakuranga Road between Highland Park and Ti Rakau Drive is one the community should have a say on, and it’s frustrating that Auckland Transport (AT) has refused to consult them, says Simeon Brown, MP for Pakuranga.

“The proposal Auckland Transport is looking to implement during the construction phase of AMETI would convert the leftmost lane on Pakuranga Road heading towards Panmure into a T2/Bus lane,” says Mr Brown.

“This is a major change to one of the most heavily trafficked roads in the country. Statistics suggest that if Pakuranga Road was a State Highway it would be the 4th or 5th busiest in the country.”

“This, of course, comes as no surprise to Pakuranga and Howick residents who rely on this road every day to get to and from work and everywhere in between. The vast majority of people living in East Auckland work outside the East Auckland area, so a change like this could have a significant impact on their daily travel.”

“It’s because of this that consultation by Auckland Transport should be a requirement and a priority. It’s only fair that those who will be most affected by a change of this magnitude should have a say on whether they think it will make a difference.”

“Failing to consult with communities before major changes are made is becoming AT’s bread and butter. In many cases, they may actually find that those affected by their changes might know better about what will and won’t work.”

“If AT won’t consult our community, I will.”

“Today I’m launching a survey that will give affected motorists the chance to have their say, and I intend to present the results to Auckland Transport.”

“This survey will also ask respondents their opinion on another proposal to reduce traffic along Pakuranga Road - a Park and Ride at Lloyd Elsmore Park with shuttle buses to Panmure Train Station.”

“I am also planning a public meeting on Wednesday 27 February to discuss these issues. This will be held at the Bucklands Beach Yacht Club at 7:00pm, and all are welcome to attend.”

“The survey can be found online by visiting - I look forward to hearing the community’s views.”

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