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This week I have been informed by Auckland Transport (AT) that they will go ahead with their planned westbound T2/Bus lane. This flies in the face of common sense and is more likely to impede traffic further than ease it during the construction of the AMETI Eastern Busway, says Simeon Brown, MP for Pakuranga.

“AT have now decided on an installation date in mid-late June, and while they will not be proceeding with the section between Johns Lane and Ti Rakau Drive they have not ruled out doing so in the future.”

“Following a public meeting I held to discuss the T2/Bus lane in February I provided AT with a small list of suggestions from the local community about how they could improve the efficiency of the lane.”

“Among those suggestions was extending the space for motorists to enter the T2/Bus lane when turning into Gossamer Drive from 50m to at least 100m in length, to provide for safe lane changes prior to that intersection which carries a large flow of traffic. AT have refused to change their proposal to reflect this.”

“This was one of the most important suggestions provided as 50m is simply not enough to ensure the safe merger of vehicles who want to turn left into Gossamer Drive across the inside lane, which will be the T2/Bus lane. The primary issue is the fact that buses and T2 vehicles planning to continue along Pakuranga Road will have to merge the other way, since the T2/Bus lane stops at that intersection.”

“Anyone with common sense can see this will create an increased risk of vehicle accidents with two streams of traffic trying to cross each other in such a short amount of space. I will continue to push them on this particular point in the hopes of changing their mind.”

“AT have told me they will provide at least four weeks’ notice to the community before they install the T2/Bus lane, and I will be keeping a close eye out for that material to ensure we are well aware of the changes.”

“Furthermore, they have said this lane is only intended as a temporary measure and will be removed once the Eastern Busway between Panmure and Pakuranga is completed. I plan to hold them to that.”

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