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Simeon Brown has been selected by local party members as National’s Pakuranga candidate for the 2017 General Election. Simeon currently works as a Commercial Banking Senior Associate with the Bank of New Zealand and also serves on the Manurewa Local Board.

Simeon lives in Auckland with his wife Rebecca. He studied at the University of Auckland, completing a Law and Commerce conjoint degree in 2015.

Since 2013, Simeon has served on as a Local Board member in Manurewa, holding the role of Deputy Chair of that Board from 2013-2016. 

In 2014, he successfully led the campaign within Auckland Council to ban the sale of Synthetic Drugs and legal highs across Auckland, which then resulted in nation-wide law reform.

Alongside his active role in the community, Simeon has been working as a commercial banker with the Bank of New Zealand in Highbrook. This role has given Simeon experience supporting small-to-medium sized business in the South-East Auckland economy.

Outside of politics, Simeon's interests include spending time with his family, gardening, and playing the clarinet.