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The Labour/NZ First/Green Government’s so-called “Wellbeing” Budget is anything but and is simply another example of a government with no plan to improve the lives of everyday New Zealanders, says Simeon Brown, MP for Pakuranga.

“This is not a wellbeing budget. The hardworking people of Pakuranga will be left asking what’s in it for them. Local families want more money in their weekly budgets for food, petrol, and rent, but instead, their taxes are going towards rail, the defence force, and trees.”

“NZ First has once again shown that it holds the purse strings with today’s announcement of a billion dollars on rail that nobody wants and even more for forestry. The cost of this coalition is not worth it for New Zealanders with what they’re getting in return, and it certainly isn’t improving anyone’s wellbeing.”

“It’s no wonder the Government has had to drop its self-imposed debt target and increase the spending limit by $17 billion so they can fund the Government’s bad spending decisions. This is likely to lead to higher taxes in future to pay off the extra debt when middle-class New Zealand is already struggling to get by.”

"Yet with all this extra spending there’s still no funding for health, with no money for midwives or free GP visits, and less of an increase for elective surgeries than last year.”

“Yesterday, teachers marched on Parliament demanding a pay rise but there’s nothing for them today. The Budget has funding for classrooms, but what good are classrooms if there are no teachers to work in them?

“The economy is slowing down and the Government is doing nothing to encourage growth. Business confidence is at record lows because of its poor policy decisions and this Budget shows they still have no plan to grow the economy.”

“Their poor economic management means there are fewer jobs, more people on a benefit and needing hardship assistance, huge increases in the numbers of people without housing, and more people missing out on elective surgeries.”

“This simply isn’t good enough for a government that inherited one of the strongest economies in the world, built on the back of hardworking New Zealanders like those in Pakuranga. They deserve to reap the rewards of that effort, but this Budget means they’ll be forced to wait.”

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